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Miss Ella

Dream Home Diorama Book - (Makes up 3 dioramas)

Dream Home Diorama Book - (Makes up 3 dioramas)

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 If you've been hankering after a cute little diorama or feeling the urge to do a little bit of tinkering with miniatures, then this is the best kit for you to get started with. Honestly - I couldn't recommend it more. It's super easy, requires minimal craft supplies and the end result is just *chef's kiss* perfect!

What you receive is a high quality printed book made from card that contains all the parts you need to make 3 dioramas. You will need sharp scissors or an exacto knife for cutting out the various parts and you'll need tape to stick the dioramas together. One of the benefits of working with card in this way is that it makes minimal mess - so there's almost no clean up!

Each diorama is a beautifully illustrated sleepy animal and each animal's dream is contained within their little tums. There is so much magical detail in these illustrations that I honestly notice something new every time I look and I'm obsessed with just having a little peep into these whimsical dreamy worlds.

Each diorama has a front, back and middle and, when you're cutting each piece out, it really is up to you how much detail you'd like in your finalised diorama. You can cut out the pieces in their simple form, leaving some white space, for a simple finish or carefully cut around every tiny detail for a more intricate look.

3 dream diorama's are included: 

Sleepy Cat diorama

This kitty dreams of a super cosy home with lots of nap spots and snoozing cat pals to hang out with. This cat really does have a fancy pad and I honestly put that down to the story I tell myself when I look at this - that she is an incredibly successful seamstress who spends her working days making tons of super soft and plush items for her kitty friends to spend their days lazing away on. Anyway, trust me when I say you'll weave your own stories when you look at these tiny little worlds. There is just SO MUCH detail. 

Dreaming Bunny Diorama

Oh Gosh. Just look at this adorable scene. This tiny rabbit dreams of blue skies, rolling hills, green pastures and - of course - afternoon tea. I really think this is my favourite, I just love the teeny tiny food. Miniature food just does it for me. Also love LOVE how it's like a little birthday party or something? I like to think of it as being our Luna's dream to attend a little party like this. 24/10 would go to this party.

Sleeping Fox Diorama

OK so I am obsessed with this little nighttime woodland fox outdoor moonlit moment. There are too many cute things I could say about this one, I'm going to have to reign myself in but OH. The illustrations are fabulous in every single one of these dioramas BUT the way everything comes together in this scene is just so aesthetically pleasing I can't deal with it. Clearly our foxy friend is dreaming of a lovely little place to lounge in the forest on that hammock - but also a clearing where they can talk to the moon and dance in its light and it just works so well. I really really enjoy how lovingly the moon is smiling back down at these foxes too. Incredible.

Ella Goodwin has really outdone herself with these. Ella is a storytelling artist and writer from Norwich. She makes the most amazing craft kits and illustrated items and she's also the wizard behind A Wander of Wonder comfort book that we stock at Hello Pumpkin! 

This artist features heavily in our Spring 2023 collection of products (with more to come by the way because we REALLY love her work) so keep an eye out for her unique style if you like these. 

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