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Miss Ella

A Wander of Wonder illustrated book.

A Wander of Wonder illustrated book.

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Hello Pumpkin is proud to present A Wander of Wonder by the remarkable Ella Goodwin.

Unfold the tale of a magical and whimsical adventure, where our protagonist embarks on a dreamy escapade through mythical realms in pursuit of joy.

This short but powerful story is an artistic and surreal tribute to the huge triumph of being able to take small steps forward in life, even when it feels tough to put on your shoes in the first place. As someone who lives with agoraphobia, it really felt special to me. 

It's engaging, very re-readable, uplifting, hopeful and full of empathy.

I mean it when I say that this book would make a fantastic gift for someone who needs to have a close at hand secret reservoir of solace that they can dive into when life gets tough. I'd also wholly recommend that you consider getting it for yourself, if you are that person. 

This pocket tome (13.2 x 9.5 cm) is mini but mighty. It's a 22-page enchanting adventure penned and illustrated by the artist, who goes by Miss Ella. Each book comes with an adorable feline bookmark that pokes out curiously from between the pages.

While this book is hopeful and optimistic, there's no toxic positivity here. Just magic. 


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