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Smiley snail hanging ornament

Smiley snail hanging ornament

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Omg stop. Did we really just hit you with the cutest lil felt snail of all time? I can confirm we did. This is it besties, the snail you wanna get in your mail.

Seriously though. That smile. Those eyes. Those... antennae? Not sure but this snail has got it ALL going on.

This snail is one of the main reasons why opening a business is dangerous. Saying goodbye to cute little snails it not fun and we were actually very tempted to just keep them all and fill our home with snails. Personally, though, we wanna see them in their natural environment - YOUR bedrooms.

Buy a widdle snail fren. Hang them from a hook. Have some happy every day. Woosh.

I have no sensible things to say because this little snail is so cute that it melted my actual brain (:

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