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Hello Pumpkin

Ribbit the Frog Plush

Ribbit the Frog Plush

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*Coughs* It's our adorable resident pond goblin, Ribbit. Potentially the parent of all our froggy desk buddies - certainly an inspiration to each and every one.

Ribbit is the biggest frog in the Pumpkin Patch. They spend their days lounging on their lilypad, floating gently in the pond and dropping eaves on the juiciest Hello Pumpkin gossip.

Although they are very nosy, they're so cute that they never ever get told to go away.

The softest, fluffiest, greenest froggy on the block, Ribbit is complete with the cutest flappy little arms and an embroidered little face. Honestly, you're just going to want to melt when you see those little cheeks in person!

Whether you're making a new pond themed corner in your house (don't laugh, we've got one!), or just after a cute snuggly plushie for your collection, Ribbit has got you covered 🐸✨

If you don't think green is TOADally your colour or you are just hopping mad for froggies, you should also check out Ribbit's best pal Lily. She's THAT bitch. They're independently fabulous but happiest when working as a team.

Ribbit is CE certified for all ages and even the tiniest tadpoles can join their crew. That means they are safe for babies from birth. Amazing.

So, whether you're a collector, a cuddler, or just a fan of all things whimsical, don't miss out on the chance to bring Ribbit home to your lilypad. With their 100% new fabric soft polyester construction, they're bound to be your favorite froggy friend in no time! 🌼💚

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