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Hello Pumpkin

Mini bell jar with green acorn fairy house

Mini bell jar with green acorn fairy house

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If you’ve been wondering whether there are enough fairies around your house, it’s time you started to provide some built for purpose accommodation and this tiny fairy house nestled in some greenery is just the thing.

This vibrant self contained fairy eco system will attract a positive and energetic resident. Your fairy friend is going to be so excited to see her new mini acorn house that she’s going to bless your home with magic and whimsy. 

The acorn house itself is made from polymer clay and has an acorn roof made from an actual acorn’s “hat”. It contains other organic materials (like reindeer moss) but is completely stable at room temperature.

The house itself lights up with a warm glow. It gives off minimal light and is there for decoration and vibes, rather than to be used as a light source.

The bell jar is made from glass with an MDF base. The batteries sit in a plastic case under the base and can be accessed by you when they need to be changed. The fairy house lamp stands at 13cm tall and 8cm in diameter.

If you’re looking to make your home feel more whimsical and autumnal, this is the fairytale product for you.

Each of these bell jars is a one-off production, but they are one of my favourite projects, so I will definitely be making more!

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Customer Reviews

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Ivan Liska
Mini bell jar w green acorn fairy house

I love the mini intim light inside, it makes me feel like if I were on a moss planet…. We observe it whole night, and we are curious,if some fairy talish character will appear….

Thank you so so much for your review ❤️ so glad you like the acorn light. Hope you get to see a fairy soon!