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Mermouse Bauble

Mermouse Bauble

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Here she is! Introducing your resident mer-mouse bauble - don't tell me you haven't been looking for one of these since forever!

She's gorgeous. She's divine. She's an icon. Who doesn't want a felted pink mermaid mouse bauble for their Christmas tree? I know I do.

If you're into mice, mythical creatures and a little bit of nonsense then you need look no further because this is going to be your new favourite possession.

As you might already know, I've always been fascinated of the idea that there's a tiny magical world occupied by mice and fairies that exists right beneath our noses that we don't notice or see because we're so busy. Well, now that I know it's possible to have a mouse/mermaid crossover Universe the world is quite literally my oyster! 

I'm not NOT going to be making some incredible tiny oceanic scenes in the future in diorama format but, for now, please enjoy this beautiful Mermouse for everything she is. She truly deserves our worship.

For what it's worth, she is 14cm tall - the perfect size for the middle branches of your Christmas tree. Although please do celebrate her all year round. 

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