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Glass mini bee baubles (Set of 12)

Glass mini bee baubles (Set of 12)

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Twinkly, glittery, buzzy little bee baubles? Yes PLEASE!

This set of 12 glass bee baubles is a bit of you, isn't it? Imagine how shiny and sparkly and reflective this cute little set is gonna be on your Christmas tree. I know that I usually go on and on about how Baubles don't need to be for the holiday season but THESE particular baubles deserve to fulfil their Christmas destiny.

They say that size doesn't matter but that's a lie. Size matters and the size that matters most is the 3cm size of these tiny BEE baubles. Did we mention they were bees?

Listen, bees are important. They work hard, they play hard, they rub their little fuzzy butts all up in that pollen and it literally makes our world the wonderful place it is so let's celebrate them this Christmas and stick them pride of place. 

If you really wanted to, you could also split this set of 12 up and give 1 to literally every single person you know and have some to spare because WHO knows 12 people? Not me.

Anyway, keep the box so that you can store them safely after the tree comes down. These glass bee baubles deserve to be treasured. 

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