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Miss Ella

Vintage style cat coin purse - craft kit

Vintage style cat coin purse - craft kit

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Roll up, roll up. This is your chance to make your very own vintage style coin purse and it's absolutely cute as a button. Miaow.

Before we get into the kit itself lets talk about how gorgeous, kitschy and weirdly wonderful this design is. I think I'm going to have to keep one myself because I just want to be one of those people who keeps their coins in a purse, y'know?

Once made up, the purse is DINKY, like teeny tiny! It measures 7cm x 4cm, including the clasp - which BTW is called a kiss clasp. How cute!!!! It's the kind of purse you might use to stow away a gift from the tooth fairy, some change for parking or even a secret message.

The purse can attach to your bag or keys using the included key chain - making it super easy to show off your purse, baiting people into telling you it's cute so you can shout I MADE IT THANK YOU. You coy thing, you.

This craft kit includes 

Velvet fabric with printed design
Inner cotton fabric for lining
Metal clasp with keychain
Link to full tutorial video
Card that reads "You are the cat's pyjamas"

I hope you love it! 

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