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Miss Ella

Flowery Fox Cushion DIY Kit

Flowery Fox Cushion DIY Kit

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This is one of the most beautiful and whimsical craft kits I've ever seen and I just knew, from the moment I first saw it, that we were going to have to stock it here at Hello Pumpkin.

We love partnering with independent artists and showcasing their creations. It brings us joy and fills us with happiness to send these beautiful items out to you and I know that they're going to make your day too.

This DIY kit contains a beautifully illustrated travelling fox, complete with his own pocket watch and backpack. The kit contains the front and back fabric to complete this cushion and all the instructions you'll need to finish the project. You will need to provide your own stuffing/filler, needles and thread. 

The fox is printed onto a piece of wonderfully soft velvet. It's vibrant and seriously whimsical. You get something truly magical for your home AND the bragging rights of being able to tell people that you made it when they ask (which they will - because it is LOVELY).

Add to the magic by including some dried lavender, a homemade fabric heart or handwritten note of affirmation in your creation. There are so many ways you can add to the dreaminess of this item.

Finished product is 36 cm wide and 47cm tall.

Please be careful when handling sharp needles. 

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