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Hello Pumpkin

Cheeky little pumpkin desk buddies

Cheeky little pumpkin desk buddies

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Hello Pumpkins! Meet the mini Pumpkins.

These adorable little Fall Friends are part of my new range of handmade desk buddies.

Although, at first glance, desk buddies may appear not to have a function - they do one of the most important jobs of any item of your desk. They exist specifically for moral support, a reassuring look, a tiny bit of joy while you're doing something gloomy or some knowing eye contact when someone nearby says something annoying.

Despite being mighty, they are very very small. They vary in height and design and the very tallest of their kind stands at a mere 2cm tall. Do not be fooled by their small stature, for they are powerful allies indeed.

I have lovingly (and I mean that, I didn't want to let any of them go!) handmade each of them from clay, down to the tiniest details like the forget-me-not flowers and yellow autumnal leaves.

They have all been shaded with coloured pigment to add some depth to their colouring and then glazed with resin to give them the wonderful shine they now have. A few people have mistaken them for ceramic, even in person, and I take that as the deepest compliment! 

Each of them is unique, not just because they are handmade, but also by design. None of them will be reproduced. I might add to the range in future, if they do well, but I'll never recreate an existing pumpkin.

As they are handmade, some of them might have little imperfections when you look closely. I think this wonkiness adds to their overall charm (I'm not just saying that) and, actually, what could be more lucky than getting a little pumpkin friend who has been blessed with one of my finger prints or - even better - Doug's silky hairs (he's my labrador).

Please note that you will see a picture of the individual pumpkin you are buying when you select it as an option. There is only one of each so make sure you know which you are buying!  


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