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Miss Ella

Cat Dream Diorama Book (Makes up 3 dioramas)

Cat Dream Diorama Book (Makes up 3 dioramas)

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Have you ever wondered what your cat dreams about? Well wonder no more.

Cats have 1 of 3 dreams every night and now you can recreate each of them and experience them for yourself.

Moon Cats: Your cat often dreams of the beautiful moon and her pet cats. Most cats have this dream every night. 

Sewing up daisies: Felines that are especially garden inclined will dream of sewing in the flowers while their kitty friends snooze all around them.

Catrobats: Adventurous cats will have high octane dreams about cat circuses where they rise on bunnies and set the world alight with their talent and flexibility. 

This diorama kit comes in book form and includes super detailed illustrated dioramas that you can cut out and piece together for the most amazing DIY scenes to display. 

All 3 dreams are included in the book and you can cut them out in as much detail as you like (they still look wonderful when cut out with some white edging around the details. You will need scissors (or a craft knife and cutting mat) and some tape. 

The dioramas are layered and you'll find lots of little details to amuse yourself with as you look at them. The scenes are simple to put together, each having a front, middle and back. 


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