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Hello Pumpkin

Autumnal forest path book nook with fairy door and lantern

Autumnal forest path book nook with fairy door and lantern

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Nestle this miniature fairy world between the books on your favourite shelf to add instant magic to your home.

This book nook is hand crafted from a variety of materials in order to create a cohesive and completed artwork that will add a little bit of whimsy to a book case or other corner of your home. It looks especially good when nestled between books that are a similar height because this creates the illusion that the shelf simply opens up to reveal this magical fairytale home.

The photos really don't do this piece justice - I'm clearly going to need to get better at taking pictures of tiny things. Click here to watch a video of this book nook.

My book nooks are lovingly made and they are designed, put together and painted by me. The small clay details and painting is all done by hand.

This diorama comprises of a short forest path that leads to a painted red door. The forest effect has been created using a combination of acrylic paint, reindeer moss (lichen) and juniper branches. The organic materials used in the piece are stable, although some natural discolouration might occur with time - especially if the piece is kept near a source of heat or light.

The small red and white fly agaric mushrooms that can be seen along the path are made from polymer clay. As is the miniature apple, the pumpkins and the stone wall. The small brown mushroom is made from foam.

Also contains copper wire, acorns and acorn hat (the top bit), glue, artificial grass, stone, pine cones and birch seed.

The acorns in this book nook were gathered from underneath my favourite oak tree, which is near the Menai Straits here in North Wales. The Juniper berries were trimmed from a fallen branch near the lake where my dog, Doug, swims. The pinecones are from a variety of walks at Newborough beach.

The book nook contains LED lights. The light circuit does not give off any heat and the book nook is not a fire hazard. The switch and battery holder are exposed at the back of the book nook and you can keep this behind or on top of the piece, depending on your preference and how often/easily you would like to access the switch.

Please do not position this book nook near a radiator or fireplace, as some of the adhesives used could melt and the wood and clay could burn. Please remember to handle carefully, as this is not a toy.

Contains natural materials!

Our handmade products contain natural materials including dried woods, leaves, flowers and fungi.

These materials are not food safe and should not be eaten or removed from the artwork. Wash hands after handling any of the natural materials.

Natural materials may deteriorate when exposed to damp or wet conditions. Please keep your art safe and dry.

We gather our materials responsibly. If you'd like to learn more about how we do this, please read more about How we do things.

Product Care

Handmade Hello Pumpkin products are individually crafted works of art. However whimsical and joyful they may look, they are not toys and are not designed for children or to be played with.

Handle with care

Products contain small parts and details that may break when dropped, knocked or transported without adequate protection.

If you do accidentally break your item, get in touch. We'd love to help you restore it to full magic.

Display at room temperature

Products may deteriorate if exposed to temperatures that are too high or too low. The products are stable at room temperature, but some components might melt or crack under extreme temperatures.

Protect from moisture

Indoor Hello Pumpkin products will become damaged by liquids and damp conditions.

Please make every effort to keep your product dry.

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