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Julie Sofie Art

Autumn Walk sticker pack

Autumn Walk sticker pack

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Step up and see this absolutely beautiful autumn walk themed sticker pack containing 8 stunning vinyl stickers that we are obsessed with.

Imagine, if you dare, leaves ablaze in their final dance, an adorable mushroom with a dose of mystique, a conker that's undeniably cute, and a pinecone that exudes magic. And ah, let us not forget the boots – perfect for cronching all over those leaves.

Hand-crafted in Edinburgh, each sticker a manifestation of artistic sorcery. The smallest, 3.5cm, whilst the grandest stretches to a formidable 6.5cm – dimensions that house a universe of magic.

But heed this, wanderer: these treasures are as rare as they are exquisite. Our stationery and stickers realm, a tapestry of experimentation, offers these gems in limited abundance. Grasp them while you can, for their presence may wane as swiftly as a moonbeam's touch upon the earth. Your chance to own a piece of this ephemeral marvel beckons – seize it!


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