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Let's Learn Calligraphy Starter Box by Artful

Let's Learn Calligraphy Starter Box by Artful

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This box contains everything you need to build your skills, create beautiful calligraphy and develop your design skills. It really has so much to offer.

Art has allowed me to find a lot of healing on my mental health journey. I'm not trying to pitch them as an alternative to treatment but I also want to make sure I emphasise how important a part of my recovery creativity has been.

Sharing my art with you is a key part of why I created Hello Pumpkin, but it also felt right to include creative materials in our range so that I could pass the opportunity to find fulfilling hobbies on to you. I'm thrilled to have been able to include such an amazing Calligraphy kit.

I truly believe that art kits should contain everything you need to complete a project or to find out if you'd like to take up a new craft. A kit should allow you to really give a craft a proper go - and this one certainly does that.

I hope you fancy having a bash.

We also stock a Let's Learn Lino Printing kit by the same brand - go take a look!

How to use this kit:

The kit comes with a beautifully put together magazine that has over 100 pages of tutorials, tips and inspiration to get you started on your calligraphy journey.

Artful have partnered with Tombow to make this incredible box and the materials in it are of a high quality because of that.

The Calligraphy magazine will walk you through some awesome tutorials on lettering, sketching and illustration and you'll be able to create beautiful designs through using their templates. Or you can let your creativity flow and use the materials provided to bring your dreams to life.

As this kit has everything included that you need to get started, you can start Calligraphy-ing (?) straight away!

I can't emphasise enough how thrilled I would be to see the end results of your Calligraphy adventures. So please do share them with me by tagging @hellopumpkinuk on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok.


Included in this kit:

This kit includes:

  • 100+ page Artful magazine 
  • 8 Tombow ABT Dual brush pens
  • 8 Tombow Twin Tone Dual-Tip markers
  • Tombow MONO 100 Graphite Lead HB Pencil
  • Tombow MONO eraser
  • Tombow A4 250 gsm drawing pad
  • 4x Blank greetings cards and envelopes

The box comes beautifully packaged in a box that has been illustrated using the colours and themes you can explore in the box.

What techniques will I learn with this kit?

This kit will help you develop lettering, sketching, colouring and illustration skills and also teach you Calligraphy skills.

You'll be able to use the amazing pens and markers to design and create your own beautiful imagery.

As well as allowing you to create unique prints and greetings cards, this box would be a real asset to someone who is passionate about scrapbooking or bullet journaling and wanted to elevate skills they already have.

Will I need anything else to use this kit?

While this kit contains everything you need to get started, you may find that other items enhance your experience. This kit does not contain a traditional calligraphy pen, which is something you may want to look into if you enjoy the techniques presented in the kit.


The only thing that's really necessary though is you, your creativity and your willingness to give this a go!

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