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Hello Pumpkin

Sweet little mushroom desk buddies

Sweet little mushroom desk buddies

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It's always autumn here at Hello Pumpkin, which means it is always mushroom season! 

Have you ever seen such clumsy and cute little chunky toadstools? Well, let me tell you, I made these and I feel like I am their mother. So you better take amazing care of them!

These adorable mushrooms are part of our new collection of Desk Buddies. Desk buddies are teeny tiny ornaments that live on your desk and bring you little bits of joy and comfort throughout the day.

PSA: It's actually illegal to go 20 minutes without smiling at a baby mushroom desk buddy so please think carefully before taking on such a weighty responsibility.

Each of these little friends is crafted from polymer clay, painted with professional grade acrylics and shaded with high quality pigments. I've made each of these lovingly by hand and I hope that you really feel that when they arrive with your postie.

They have each been glazed for shine and protection! 

Each of these mushrooms is unique and I won't be recreating any of them, so, if you've fallen in love with one of them, please grab them now while you can. I hope to make similar little mushroom ornaments in the future. Although I'll be sad to see each of these go, I'm also very excited to send them off to their forever homes!

As with all handmade goodies, there will be small imperfections in the products - but I think these add to their charm. And, if you disagree, then these really are not the range for you. They are perfectly imperfect.

Happy shopping!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Absolutely adorable!

Mushroom gal Genevieve and her tiny friend Bill arrived safe and sound and have taken up residence on my desk. They are so cute! They were very well wrapped and secured so even though the shipping box took a bit of a beating on its trip across the Atlantic, everything inside was just fine. So delighted with this little figurine!

Oh goodness - actually was so scary to send these friends on such a big overseas adventure! Really glad they made it safely and are in a loving forever home.


I bought a lil mushroom desk buddy and he is SO CUTE 🥰 I’ve named him Apollo. He came super quick and wrapped up so lovingly with a selection of stickers as well 😍 absolutely love him!!!

Awww so glad Apollo has gone to a good home! Thank you for leaving a review