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Stoneware mushroom Salt & Pepper set

Stoneware mushroom Salt & Pepper set

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £13.00 GBP
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If you are obsessed with cute mushrooms as I am, then you're going to absolutely adore these GORGEOUS salt and pepper shakers.

In a neutral cream coloured mushroom design, this S&P set is the finishing touch your autumnal table needs. Trust me when I say that these are as cute IRL as they look online.

1 for Pepper and 1 for Salt, these mushroom shakers are 7.5cm tall and made from 95% stoneware. Please note that they are NOT suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. They are also breakable so please handle with care. 

Pair these with a gorgeous natural linen tablecloth or just some bare wood and paper napkins. They look great anywhere but they work especially well with organic materials and plenty of fresh vegetables and green foliage. Hosting dinner parties has never had such cottagecore potential. We're excited! 

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