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The Crafty Kit Company

Spring Gnomes Needle Felting Kit

Spring Gnomes Needle Felting Kit

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £15.80 GBP
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OMG just look at these awesome little pastel gnomies. I love them so much!! Can you believe this craft kit contains everything you need in order to bring these lil guys to life?

Edinburgh based Crafty Kit Company has lovingly designed, created and put together this incredible Gnome needle felting kit so that you can combine self gifting with learning a new craft.

Taking on a new hobby is always a new adventure. Who knows where it might take you? You could be opening a door to your next favourite activity or even embarking on the journey that will eventually lead you to opening your own small business! So exciting!!!

Whatever you choose to do, or not to do, with your new found love of needle felting, you'll have these little gnomes by your side for the ride. Bliss.

This kit contains everything you need to make this family of cheeky little gnomes in pretty spring pastel colours. The kit is an absolute dream for beginners and suitable for crafters aged 10+. 

Each gnome is 10-15cm high.

Box contains: 

100% felting wool, specialised felting needles, foam to work on, pipe cleaners and full colour instructions.

Warning: this kit contains sharp needles. please handle with care

Another warning: making adorable gnomes is highly addictive! 

About Crafty Kit co

Based in Scotland, the Crafty Kit Co, offer a range of lovingly designed craft kits that have been thoughtfully created and put together with the user in mind. Each kit contains everything needed to get started on a wonderful new hobby project and Crafty Kit Co is passionate about using sociable and mindful hobbies to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

These products are such good quality and the branded packaging, designed by Jo and the team, is absolutely wonderful. Trust me when I tell you that these craft kits make a fabulous present for someone you love. These kits were one of the first products we sources at Hello Pumpkin and we’re so excited to get to share them with you all!


We start processing your order as soon as we can and aim to get your goodies shipped out to you in 1-2 working days. This might be longer at busier times but we’ll do our best to get your order out ASAP and you’ll be notified when it’s on its way.

If you would like to order something for a special occasion and need it by a certain date, please get in touch. We’d love to help!

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