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Hello Pumpkin

Pre-Filled complete Christmas Stocking (Limited edition)

Pre-Filled complete Christmas Stocking (Limited edition)

Normaalihinta £45.00 GBP
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £45.00 GBP
Alennusmyynti Loppuunmyyty
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Hello Pumpkins, 

Please read the below description before you order!

This is your limited opportunity to get your hands on one of these beautiful Hello Pumpkin Christmas stockings. Whether you are self-gifting this year and would like the presents to be a surprise, or you just want to treat someone you love to a full stocking, this is your chance to get your hands on one of these wonderful all-in-one gifts.

Each stocking will be filled with a selection of wrapped items from our store and will contain some handmade gifts that have been specially selected for you.

Your parcel will arrive with the usual Hello Pumpkin packaging and will be safe for you to open without ruining the surprise. Inside it will be a Burlap stocking filled with wrapped goodies for you to hang up ready for Christmas Morning. Call me Pumpkin Claus :)

This is not a stock-shifting idea, it's something we've been dreaming of doing for a long long time. The items contained in these stockings will be some of our favourites - each stocking will contain at least one item that has been handmade specially for your stocking and some of your items could even be from our brand new batch of stock that we haven't even listed yet! 

Stockings will be sent out in the first two weeks of December, so that you have plenty of time to enjoy them and get excited to open them on the big day. Please make sure you include an email at checkout, as we'll use this email to double check your preferences before sending your stocking out - we want to make sure we choose the absolute best goodies for you!

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Customer Reviews

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I got two of these - one for me and one for my partner - for Christmas Day, and they were AMAZING. They were perfectly personalised. Everything was wrapped with care, the stockings are reusable, this was well worth the money. Fantastic, we will be ordering again next Christmas!!!


Perfect present!