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Glitter Punk

Heart shaped otters key chain

Heart shaped otters key chain

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What animal would you like to be on a cold day? A little otter. 

I read that joke on a packet of Wotsits when I was about 12 years old and I cackled. I feel like I've been waiting all my life to use it in a professional capacity and today is the day. I hope you laughed. Even if it was in an exasperated way.

I am absolutely certain you'll all agree that otters are a god tier animal. Perhaps the very best. They make that cute kissing sound, they give each other gifts, they hold hands while they sleep floating in the river so they aren't separated by the current.

They have ultimate soulmate energy and these two represent that perfectly with their cute cuddling on a starry night. 

This 35mm gold hard enamel keychain features two hugging otters, with mountains and the sea in the background and a black glitter sky. (I should have led with that)

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