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The Crafty Kit Company

Nordic Gnomes Needle Felting Kit

Nordic Gnomes Needle Felting Kit

Normaalihinta £11.35 GBP
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £11.35 GBP
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Meet our Gnome friends who hide about your home. You can bring them to life with this fabulous needle felting kit from the Crafty Kit Company.

These gnomes are perfect for decorating your fairytale cottage, positioning to so that they are peeping out of a little cosy corner or creating a beautiful Scandi winter scene this Christmas. 

This kit is suitable for beginners or experienced crafters aged 10+. Why not take up Needle Felting and fall in love with a new art form? 

Every kit is packaged in a beautifully illustrated box that would make a fantastic gift for someone you love.

Kit contains: 

100% felting wool, specialised felting needles, foam to wokr on, full colour instructions.

Warning: This kit contains sharp needles and should be unpackaged carefully!

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