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Marvling Bros

Mini bunny cross stitch craft kit in a matchbox

Mini bunny cross stitch craft kit in a matchbox

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £9.00 GBP
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Super cute mini craft kit in a matchbox 🖤 this little bunny cross stitch is teeny tiny, suitable for beginners and comes in the cutest miniature packaging ever.

Small enough to slip into a pocket to surprise someone and would make a lovely addition to a birthday gift or a stocking. If you're looking for something mini that is lightweight and small and easy to post, then look no further! 

The kit includes:

65mm x 65mm square 14 count blank Aida - pre folded to mark centre start point

Embroidery threads needed to make pattern

Size 24 tapestry needle

Easy to follow pattern marked in colour on counted graph


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