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Hello Pumpkin

Medium Neutral Glass Mushroom Light

Medium Neutral Glass Mushroom Light

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta $19.00 USD
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This is peak Hello Pumpkin. We're so excited to be stocking these gorgeous glass mushroom lamps, straight out of your cottagecore dreams. I really do not know how I'm going to part ways with these, but they are so bloody gorgeous.

They're battery powered LED night lights that give off a warm whimsical glow and just SCREAM forest fairy (they don't really scream, they just whisper gentle and loving thoughts) Help, I can't stop making things up about these mushrooms - they do not speak or scream, they are just beautiful and I am just overexcited.

I have actually spent a long time looking for affordable mushroom shaped lamps that have the right balance of realism and whimsy to them, because I spend a lot of time generally hoping to make my fairytale wishes a reality. I genuinely think these balance out all of these needs nicely and I'm really happy with how they've turned out. 

This one is a yellow-ish capped toadstool lamp with a very sweet vibe. It measures 13 cm (H) x 11cm (W) and is made from glass. We also stock a different mushroom lamp, which is smaller and has a pink cap. You know you want both, don't make a mushroom lonely 

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Customer Reviews

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Laura R
Cutest lamp

Lovely decorative lamp, was packaged up beautifully too ❤️

Christmas Gift

Absolutely lovely little gift idea for Christmas time and arrive promptly as well