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Hello Pumpkin

Large bell jar with mini acorn fairy house

Large bell jar with mini acorn fairy house

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One of my favourite projects to do, this fairytale lamp will help your home feel so cosy and magical. If you place this somewhere you can see, love and appreciate it, we guarantee that it will attract a fairy resident within 1 hour of you bringing it home. Please note: this will be much, much quicker if you live in a particularly magical place (like Wales!)

Fairies like to be around warmth and love, but they also are more than happy to bring all of the joy and comfort to you on the sad days. You can feel all of your feelings around fairies, they really do not mind.

This bell jar stands at just over 17cm tall and is made with glass and has an MDF base. The base can be painted, if you wish, we recommend using acrylic paint. Painting the base will not affect the fairies. The diameter of the fairy lamp base is 11cm

The lamp contains flowers, moss and other organic materials and should not be stored near a source of heat, in wet conditions or in direct sunlight. If you do take your fairy lamp outside, please remember to bring it back inside and keep it safe. This is a delicate product and will likely break if dropped onto a hard surface.

The house gives off a warm glow from its small circular windows and the tiny window in its door. The house itself glows too because it’s white so the light shines through. It’s a low amount of light, intended for decorative purposes and won’t be an effective source of light for seeing in a dark room!

I’m so excited to send this away to its forever home. These are such a fun project, there will be many more in the future! 

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