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Miss Ella

Ili Pika pocket mirror

Ili Pika pocket mirror

Normaalihinta £5.00 GBP
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £5.00 GBP
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This gorgeous mirror features a magical rabbit peeping out at you. What a lovely pop of joy and whimsy you could experience every time you reach for your mirror. And then to turn it around and catch a glimpse of your beautiful face. Dreamy.

If only you owned it, eh...

Designer and illustrator, Ella Goodwin, says this about the inspiration behind this design: 

Just as I was exploring Far Eastern folk lore that tells the tale of a rabbit that lives in the moon these little fellas, the Ili Pika also known as magic rabbits were found in China after no sightings for 20 years. I can only imagine the moon is where they have been all this time!

The mirror itself is 76mm in diameter (3 inches), which is the perfect size for it to slip easily into a pocket or your bag. Use it to redo your makeup, check up on the spot that's been bothering you or sneak a glance at the suspicious looking cats behind you. You've used a mirror before, you know what to do with it! Get out of here (but also please buy things on your way)


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