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Miss Ella

Fox and Badger Pocket Mirror

Fox and Badger Pocket Mirror

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £5.00 GBP
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This beautifully illustrated pocket mirror gives me major Animals of Farthing Wood vibes and I absolutely LOVE IT. I recently rewatched an episode or two of that actually and the Weasel is absolutely effing wild - I couldn't believe it honestly! 

Anyway, this beautiful illustration has been done by Ella Goodwin, author of A Wander of Wonder (which we also stock and I seriously recommend)

The mirror itself is 76mm (3 inches) in diameter and will allow you to spy on your pets when your round the corner so you can see what they really get up to when you're just around the corner and they know full well you are there.

You look cute though, so you should probably own more mirrors. 


P.S. Did anyone else read the Fox Cub Bold by Colin Dann because that book broke my heart?

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