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The Crafty Kit Company

Floral Bunny in a Hoop Needle Felt Kit

Floral Bunny in a Hoop Needle Felt Kit

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £15.80 GBP
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It's time for you to give Needle Felting a try. Make this cute floral bunny hoop art using a technique that's almost like painting... but with wool. 


We think this kit is one of the absolute cutest things we have in stock (which is rich coming from a business that choose many of our products based on adorableness alone!). Saying we are excited to see your finished projects is an understatement! Please recreate this bunny immediately. Please tag us. Please.

Anyway, we absolutely cannot get over how gorgeous this flowery bunny is. She's just everything we love about the cottagecore aesthetic brought to life (by you!) in the form of 1 cute bun bun. DID WE MENTION HOW EXCITED WE ARE??? 

As with all of our gift products, we encourage self gifting above all else. Because who deserves a treat more than you do? No-one, that's who.

This kit comes in beautifully illustrated packaging that makes it a lovely gift to give to someone you love. 

Kit includes: 

100% felting wool, fabric, felting pad, specialist felting needles, bamboo embroidery hoop and full colour instructions.

Warning: this kit contains sharp needles, please be careful when unpackaging.

About Crafty Kit co

Based in Scotland, the Crafty Kit Co, offer a range of lovingly designed craft kits that have been thoughtfully created and put together with the user in mind. Each kit contains everything needed to get started on a wonderful new hobby project and Crafty Kit Co is passionate about using sociable and mindful hobbies to promote wellbeing and relaxation.

These products are such good quality and the branded packaging, designed by Jo and the team, is absolutely wonderful. Trust me when I tell you that these craft kits make a fabulous present for someone you love. These kits were one of the first products we sources at Hello Pumpkin and we’re so excited to get to share them with you all!


We start processing your order as soon as we can and aim to get your goodies shipped out to you in 1-2 working days. This might be longer at busier times but we’ll do our best to get your order out ASAP and you’ll be notified when it’s on its way.

If you would like to order something for a special occasion and need it by a certain date, please get in touch. We’d love to help!

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