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Hello Pumpkin

Enchanted Tree Fairy Lamp in a bell jar

Enchanted Tree Fairy Lamp in a bell jar

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £48.00 GBP
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Lovingly handmade by me, Anneli, owner of Hello Pumpkin, I'd love to introduce you to this gorgeous fairy tree light in a bell jar.

I dreamed up this beautiful tree while whistfully imagining all the fairy worlds that I like to wander to when life gets a little tough and I made it at a time when I really needed to feel transported. I hope that whoever buys this will gain a small sense of that comfort and peace that I experienced while making it because I truly believe that art has a spirit.

Anyway, enough about me, let me tell you about the piece.

It's made from a huge range of materials including natural materials, birch seed, crystals, polymer clay and small embellishments. Some of the windows and doors are sculpted from clay and others made from copper wire. Each leaf has been made from polymer clay cane and individually attached to the tree.

Although this piece contains some organic materials, it is sealed and stable and should last a lifetime.

The bell jar itself is made from glass and has an MDF base. The batteries and switch are under the base and this allows you access to change the batteries as and when needed. The bell  jar stands at just over 17cm tall and has a diameter of 11cm.

This lovely fairytale lamp gives off minimal light and is intended to be decorative and add to ambience, rather than to be a light source that might help you read or anything to that degree.

I'll be sad to see her go but so happy to know that someone is as excited about her as I am.

Please allow 4-5 days for me to ship this product as it's imperative that I package it securely and I will also give it a final little polish before I send her on her way!

Just position this night light somewhere you will be able to enjoy and appreciate it and then wait approximately 1 hour for the fairies to move in. Please note: this will happen much sooner if you live somewhere magical, like Wales. 

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