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Glitter Punk

Day and Night Hugging Cats Enamel Pin

Day and Night Hugging Cats Enamel Pin

Normaalihinta £9.75 GBP
Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £9.75 GBP
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You're missing these adorable hugging kitty cats from your pin collection and it's becoming increasingly embarrassing every day to go out without them. Well, you are in luck - Hello Pumpkin is here to help out! 

You can now get these wonderful cuddling day and night cats with moon and star design and quickly attach them to your cutest outfit before anyone notices. People will think they were there all along, don't worry.

These lovely pins are illustrated by the wonderful Glitter Punk and are made from black and white hard enamel. They are gold plated and secures with 2x rubber pink clasps so they won't swing about wildly as you strut your stuff.


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