We loved our first ever craft fair! - Hello Pumpkin

We loved our first ever craft fair!

Hello Pumpkins!

It's Anneli here, I hope you're all doing well. 

As many of you know, we embarked on the adventure of our first ever craft fair on October 14th and it was such a wonderful experience. I'm recovering from Agoraphobia and PTSD and was very nervous as to how I would get on, but, with some adjustments and plenty of preparation I was able to have a great day! 

My partner came with me so that I would feel safer and more comfortable and so it was possible for me to dip out if the space got overwhelming. As it happens, it was quite a quiet day and all the other makers were wonderful people who made me feel welcome and supported!

I even got to catch up with my friend, Sian Elen, who makes incredible pieces from Macrame!

Here we are together at the fair: 

I also had help from my partner in applying these sweet little custom wax seals to my brown paper bags, which added a little whimsical and personal touch for my customers! Very happy with the result, what do you think? 

On the day we took a wrong turn and ended up being a little late setting up, but it didn't matter at all and customers started to come in as I was still tinkering with my stall. Given that it's my first time doing anything like this, I'm really proud of the set up and how it ended up looking! 

I took a combination of things I'd made by hand, printed items I had designed and I also took some of our wider stock so that I could showcase Hello Pumpkin as a whole. One thing I definitely learned was that most craft fair customers responded better to the handmade, hand painted and designed-by-me items, so I definitely plan to take more of my own stuff along to the next one! 

My favourite items were the little frog trinket trays and teeny tiny fairy door necklaces, which you can see if you look carefully at this picture:

Customers also absolutely LOVED the ghosties on a bench that I made, which was a very last minute creation that I absolutely adore.

Anyway, I'm very very pleased with the way the day panned out. Despite it being a quiet day at the fair, I learned a lot, made some new friends and even made some sales on the day! Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me find the confidence to do this. I could never have imagined it a couple years ago and truly feel it was a magical and fulfilling thing to do! 

Here's to many more craft fairs in the future! 

You'll find the frog trinket trays here, grab them while they last! 

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