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Witchy Wood Fairytale Earrings

Witchy Wood Fairytale Earrings

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Normaalihinta Myyntihinta £19.00 GBP
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If you like to wear unique and mismatched quirky accessories, you're going to absolutely adore these handmade earrings.

Each earring features a different woodland scene. One features a small fairy cottage, the other shows a secret fairy pool hidden in the forest. They both feature gorgeous toadstools and foliage and include a wonderful glowing lantern that hangs and ties them both together.

The earrings were sculpted using polymer clay, hand painted with acrylic paints and then sealed with a non toxic varnish. The fish hook style wires are made from sterling silver, which the artist agreed to do specially for Hello Pumpkin (because I am myself allergic to some metals and only want the best for your ears!) 

All of these earrings are handmade, so in addition to being different from one another, every pair is unique. Please treasure them, I know the artist has put a lot of love into them.


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