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Julie Sofie Art

Mystic Moths Sticker Pack

Mystic Moths Sticker Pack

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Introducing our enchanting 'Mystic Moth' Vinyl Sticker Pack! This carefully curated collection of 5 complementary designs is guaranteed to transform any surface into something truly magical.

These mystical moth vinyl stickers are the perfect way to add some otherworldly charm to your planners, laptops, or sketchbooks. Each of these stickers has been lovingly illustrated and handmade by Julie Sofie in her cozy studio in Edinburgh.

The pack contains five beautiful moth stickers, each with its own unique hand drawn design. The sizes range from the smallest sticker measuring 7 cm (2.75 inches) to the largest sticker measuring 10 cm (3.93 inches).

Printed on high-quality matte vinyl, these stickers are not only stunning but also durable. The backing card is recyclable, and we've packaged the set in a compostable cello bag, making it as sustainable and long lasting a choice as can be!

So, why not bring a touch of magic into your life with our 'Mystic Moth' Vinyl Sticker Pack? Get ready to be spellbound by these beautiful creatures and their enchanting designs.

Please note: Our stationery collection is in its trial phase and stock is very limited atm. If you love something, grab it when you can - we'd hate for you to miss out!

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