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Julie Sofie Art

Forest autumn walk illustrated sticker sheet

Forest autumn walk illustrated sticker sheet

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These adorably illustrated stickers feature the perfect woodland walk images to get you feeling cosy and comforted as you plan your outdoor adventures. It's Autumn all year round at Hello Pumpkin and, true to form, we've got conkers, mushrooms, dried leaves, tree stumps and the most darling brolly.

These would make a gorgeous addition to a bullet journal spread or just look really sweet as decorations in your journal or notebook. We're honestly so so so excited for you to try out these beautiful stickers.

This sticker sheet features 26 hand drawn illustrations designed by UK based independent artist, Julie Sofie, who creates the most magical little scenes imaginable.

Each sheet is 11x17cm and professionally printed in high quality ink on matte sticker paper.

Hand drawn and designed in Edinburgh, Scotland. 


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