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Julie Sofie Art

Enchanted Tree Soft Touch bookmark with tassel

Enchanted Tree Soft Touch bookmark with tassel

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Oh my magical stars, have you ever wanted to bring the whimsical wonder of Enid Blyton's Magic Faraway Tree into your reading nook? Well, look no further, my forestcore loving friend! Our 'Enchanted Tree' bookmark is here to add some aesthetic charm to your cottagecore reading vibes!

This hand-illustrated bookmark is like having a little piece of the forest right inside your book, complete with a velvety finish that feels as soft as a bunny's nose. And who could forget the silky orange tassel, giving it that extra luxurious touch of enchantment?

Each bookmark is lovingly handmade in a little studio nestled among fabulous historical landscape of Edinburgh, Scotland. So why settle for a boring old scrap of paper when you can have a magical, whimsical, and oh-so-pretty Enchanted Tree bookmark to keep your place in the latest book on your shelf?

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